Zenia Mucha


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Zenia Mucha

Zenia Mucha女士是华特迪士尼公司全球企业传讯执行副总裁。它不仅负责公司的传播政策、策略和公司传播定位的制定,同事负责公司不同业务部门的传播,这其中包括媒体网络、主题乐园和度假区、影视娱乐和消费品部门等。她是华特迪士尼公司全球的首席发言人,并负责掌管媒体关系和传播策略等。在她晋升为现在的职位之前,她从2002年5月开始担任公司的高级副总裁。


Previously, Ms. Mucha was senior vice president, Communications, for the ABC Broadcast Group and the ABC Television Network since joining the Company. Serving in that capacity beginning in February, 2001, Ms. Mucha oversaw the development, implementation and oversight of internal and external communications for the ABC Broadcast Group, the ABC Television Network and other ABC divisions. She also supervised various other activities, such as public service campaigns, audience information, internal publications and the ABC Foundation.

Earlier in her career Ms. Mucha served first as director of communications and then as senior policy advisor to Governor George Pataki of New York State, where she earned a national reputation for her expert communications and political skills. She joined Governor Pataki in 1994 and is widely credited with helping the former State Senator achieve the recognition necessary to win the gubernatorial election. Ms. Mucha counseled Governor Pataki on a broad range of public policy and other issues. She also successfully positioned him for his first re-election campaign as Governor.

The New York Times observed: "Ms. Mucha's official responsibilities were defined as press relations, scheduling and correspondence. But her portfolio has expanded to include virtually every major decision made by the Governor." Upon her departure from New York State government to join ABC, The New York Times added that Ms. Mucha's absence "deprives Mr. Pataki of someone who was not only the most influential member of his inner circle, but also his most forceful advocate before the press and with leaders of the State Legislature, as well as other politicians."

Prior to joining the Pataki administration, Ms. Mucha served as press representative and then communications director to former United States Senator Alfonse D'Amato. Ms. Mucha managed Senator D'Amato's two successful re-election campaigns, in 1986 and 1992.